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Parametrix Employee-Owner Receives Remote Pilot License

Courtney Purdin | 8-02-2018

Parametrix has been using drones (also known as UAV or UAS) for several years to document preconstruction conditions, construction progress, and to gain perspective of hard to reach places like under bridges, above landfills, over waterways, and along cliffs.

Parametrix received an FAA 333 Exemption in the early stages of drone applications to fly commercially and now requires all of their operators to be FAA certified Remote Pilots. That’s when Parametrix employee-owner Brad Rhoades, LSIT decided to join the highly skilled UAV team at Parametrix. Brad is a surveyor in our Bend, OR office. He decided to get his Remote Pilot License so that he can fly drones on projects for our clients. He said he believes that the use of drones will increase over the next several years and he wants to be a part of those future opportunities. He also adds “plus they’re just cool and it’s a chance to relive some childhood fun of operating rem... (more)


Making Communities Safer: Powell Butte Highway Roundabout


An intersection in rural Oregon that was once avoided because of safety concerns is now home to a beautiful new roundabout. 

Powell Butte Highway Roundabout is the first roundabout to be located in Central Oregon in a rural area with multiple high speed approaches. This roundabout increases safety for the nearly 6,000 travelers and commuters who drive through the intersection each day. Given the major accidents at the intersection, including a fatality, these improvements contribute to the surrounding community in a very real way. Being the first county-led roundabout project, it will serve as a model for future, similar intersections.

Because the roundabout is located on a high-speed highway, the team developed creative solutions to slow traffic and improve visibility for drivers approaching the intersection. Some of the methods included traffic calming measures such as a dynamic feedback sign, striping trea... (more)