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Inspired People: Jackie Kuechenmeister Talks Transportation, Grants in Nevada


In this new series, meet the Inspired People of Parametrix! We’ll chat with them about their role, what they’re currently working on, market trends, advice, and what they enjoy doing outside of work.

Today, meet Jackie Kuechenmeister, a Senior Planner with our Nevada Transportation team, working remotely from her home in Arizona. She has been with Parametrix for nearly 3 years and has 16 years of industry experience.


Tell us about your role at Parametrix.

I am a transportation planner, working for the Nevada office. I work on a range of projects, mostly for regional and statewide agencies, that set the foundation for future transportation investments. This ranges from high-level visioning, conducting data-driven analyses, and engaging with the community, to working with entities to apply for grant funding, prioritizing project lists for implementation, or communicating ... (more)