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Surveyors Week 2022: Kael Martin


Kael joined Parametrix as part of the addition of Pacific Geomatic Services in 2021. He is based out of our Mukilteo, WA office and has 7 years of industry experience.

What inspired you to become a surveyor?

My inspiration to become a surveyor stemmed from my love of the outdoors and the natural world. I am passionate about water resources and hydrology, specifically catered towards habitat restoration including salmon habitat improvements, dam removals, and dechannelization efforts of floodplain management. Hydrographic surveying allowed me to contribute to those causes while spending more time physically in and around rivers, lakes, and the ocean. I was enchanted by the avenues for exploration and the opportunities to travel to unique places for work. I greatly enjoy logistics and problem solving, which mapping and surveying provide on a daily basis. I spend a great amount of my spare time whitewater... (more)