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American Wetlands Month: Learn More from the Wetland Scientists of Parametrix


May is American Wetlands Month, a time when we celebrate and recognize the importance of wetlands. Not only do wetlands help improve water quality and supply while reducing flooding, they also provide critical habitat for plants, fish and wildlife.

Learn more about wetlands from a few of the wetland scientists of Parametrix: Kaylee Moser, Josh Wozniak, and Taya MacLean.

What do wetlands scientists do?

Josh: Wetland scientists look at plants, soils, and groundwater to understand the legal limits of wetlands; study features such as topography and outlet features to estimate wetland functions, and work with design teams to develop sustainable infrastructure that meets project needs, preserves wetland functions, and complies with local, state and federal regulations!

Tell us about the history of wetlands in the United States.

Kaylee: Wetlands we... (more)