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Parametrix Celebrates Bike Month


By Hailey Brey and Kai Tohinaka

May is National Bike Month, a time when communities highlight the range of individual and communal benefits that come from this mode of mobility. National Bike Month sings the same tune as many of the Core Values that we, as employee-owners, uphold, and is right in line with our purpose:

Helping clients and partners create vibrant, sustainable communities and restoring the health of the planet for future generations.

Transportation is a core business line for Parametrix and we see it as fundamental to achieving this purpose. Active transportation is particularly important in this effort, as we seek to create efficient, equitable, and healthy transportation systems. The bicycle is a key component ... (more)


AAPI Employee-Owner Spotlight: Jason Ceralde


In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month we’re featuring Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) employee-owners who will discuss their careers, families, culture, and more. Today, learn more about Jason Ceralde, a landscape architect based out of our Bremerton, WA office.

What are some projects that you are proud to have worked on?

Early in my career at Parametrix, I was a drafter/CAD Lead and have had the opportunity to work on many projects in a wide range disciplines. The projects that really stand out for me are the Duwe’iq Treatment Wetland and Stormwater Parks (more)


AAPI Employee-Owner Spotlight: Rachel Yonamine


In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’re featuring Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) employee-owners who will discuss their careers, families, culture, and more. Today, learn more about Rachel Yonamine, an Engineer I with our Portland Transportation team.

Tell us something about yourself that many people may not know.

I grew up in Hawaii, so I didn’t see snow until my early 20s! It was like 3 am and I was so excited I walked outside and took pictures of literally everything I could. My hands were so cold when I got back I couldn’t open my door for 5 minutes.

Is there an accomplishment that you are particularly proud of?

When I was in college, I helped to create a sense of community in the club I was involved (Engineers Without Borders). Was it huge? No. Was it the “It” club everyone was dying to be a part ... (more)


AAPI Employee-Owner Spotlight: Alvin Valencia


In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we’re featuring Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) employee-owners who will discuss their careers, families, culture, and more. Today, meet Alvin Valencia, a Designer from our Puyallup, WA office.

What’s your role at Parametrix, where are you located, and what are some projects that you are proud to have worked on?

I’ve been at Parametrix going on my 15 years now and it’s the best career move I’ve ever made; I love our company. I’m a structural detailer for the Bridge Group in Puyallup and ... (more)


Making a Difference: Environmental Cleanup After Devastating Fires in Oregon


By Richard Roché

Oregon’s 2020 Labor Day fires were the largest and most expensive disaster in the state’s history, burning over 1 million acres and destroying over 5,000 structures. Initial estimates put the debris cleanup at over $600 million, including $326 million for ash and debris removal and $295 million to remove hazard trees.

A person wearing white coveralls stands amidst wreckage from the fire

Parametrix employee-owners are working alongside Maul Foster & Alongi and CDR Maguire staff in eight affected counties to clear residential and commercial sites of asbestos and soil contamination. The testing is done free of charge to property owners. After crews remove ash and debris and the soil is deemed safe, property owners can start the long process of rebuilding their home.... (more)


What is a Certified Construction Manager?


Derek Spencer at the Port of Seattle Baggage Optimization project.

Construction managers helps owners ensure the successful outcome of their projects. They proactively manage the details to achieve cost, schedule, and quality objectives on construction projects. Parametrix has a team of approximately 40 experienced construction and project management professionals in the Puget Sound region, including 5 employee-owners who are certified through the Construction Management Association of America. 

Derek Spencer is a resident engineer based out of our Puyallup, WA office that recently became a Certified Construction Manager (CCM). He has 7 years of industry experience, nearly 3 of which have been with Parametrix. He shares what it means to be a Certified Construction Manager and the process ... (more)


Meet the Landscape Architects of Parametrix


April is World Landscape Architecture Month. We’re celebrating landscape architects for their role in deepening the connections between people and the environment. Meet our team of landscape architects who work on projects that have a profound effect on the places we live, work, and visit.


Frank Ide headshot with water in background

Frank Ide, PLA

Frank is a Senior Planner based out of our Spokane, WA office. He has over 30 years of industry experience.

What inspired you to pursue a career in landscape architecture? 

I initially pursued landscape architect... (more)


Meet the Women in Leadership at Parametrix


This week we’re wrapping up Women’s History Month with the women of our Operations Leadership Team! Our OLT is comprised of 12 members, 6 of which are women. Learn more about each of them below.

Jeanna Hanenburg Headshot

Jeanna Hanenburg, Director of Human Resources

Jeanna joined Parametrix in 2000. As the director of human resources, she is responsible for the team of human resources professionals who manage all people programs and processes from recruiting to retention of employees.

What advice do you have for women pursuing leadership roles?

My advice isn’t just fo... (more)


Insights from the Women of Parametrix


March is Women's History Month. To celebrate, we asked the women of Parametrix about their greatest accomplishments, who inspires them, how the industry has changed, and advice for other women in the A&E industry. Read their responses below.

Jessie Rykels-Wilson

Jessie with her mom and two kids

Jessie with her kids and her mom.

Tell us about a woman in your life who has inspired you.

My mom, Sharon, is my biggest inspiration. She graduated from Montana State with an electrical engineering degree, earned her master’s degrees (EE & MBA) from MIT, and spent her career as a Boeing executive. She is impressive on paper, but more so in person. At work, she ... (more)


Influential Women in Engineering and Science throughout History


At Parametrix, we have 217 women engineers, planners, scientists, surveyors, construction managers, archaeologists, administrators, accountants, technicians, and marketers. We’re proud to have a leadership team comprised of 50% women. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting a few of the influential women in engineering and science throughout history who have paved the way for women in our industry today. 

Emily Roebling black and white photo

Emily Roebling (1843 – 1903) was an engineer known for her contribution to the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband developed decompression sickness and became bed-ridden. Due to her interest in bridge construction and pr... (more)