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Women in Transportation: Alex Atchison, PE


AlexAtchisonParametrix was recently named WTS (Women's Transportation Seminar) Puget Sound Chapter’s “Employer of the Year” for large firms. To celebrate, we will be featuring several women in transportation at Parametrix leading up to the WTS Puget Sound Chapter Scholarship and Awards Gala on March 28th.

Today we would like to introduce Alex Atchison!

Alex is the Seattle Transportation Planning Group Manager at Parametrix. She has been with Parametrix just a little over a year now and has 19 years of experience in the industry.

Favorite Project: My favorite project has been the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program. It was exciting to be involved in one of the major infrastructure projects in our region. I met a lot of great people over the six years I worked on that project, including many from Parametrix that I now work with!


Why Parametrix? My favorite thing about working at Parametrix is the people. I feel supported and enjoy being a part of a team. In addition, I enjoy the variety of projects that I have the opportunity to work on at Parametrix.

What has been your involvement in WTS? I am currently the Scholarship Committee Co-Chair of the WTS Puget Sound Chapter. Prior to that, I served as the Professional Development Chair for 3 years. I appreciate being a part of a strong network of women that I can reach out to for advice at any time.

Advice to other women in transportation: My advice to other women in transportation is to seek a mentor. Find a sponsor/champion within your company as they will advocate on your behalf and help connect you to the right people and assignments. Don’t be afraid to try everything and ask questions to grow in your career.