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Women in Transportation: Amanda Thom, EIT


AmandaThomParametrix was recently named WTS (Women's Transportation Seminar) Puget Sound Chapter’s “Employer of the Year” for large firms. To celebrate, we will be featuring several women in transportation at Parametrix leading up to the WTS Puget Sound Chapter Scholarship and Awards Gala on March 28th.

Today we will be introducing you to Amanda Thom, EIT.

Amanda is a transportation engineer at Parametrix based out of our Seattle office. She has 6 years of experience in the industry and has been with Parametrix for almost one year. 

Projects that Amanda works on: I work on a variety of projects at Parametrix including roads, trails, utilities, transit and light rail. The best part is that many of the projects I work on are local. So I get the satisfaction of seeing how they will affect people in my own community.

Amanda volunteering with Habitat for Humanity

Favorite Project: My favorite project in my career so far has been the Sound Transit East Link Extension. It was a challenging project where I had the opportunity to learn a lot and grow as an engineer. I made some really great friends working on that project, and look forward to riding it in 2023!

Why Parametrix? I am so happy that I’ve joined Parametrix because it’s a truly progressive company with a unique culture. Many of my coworkers take advantage of the flexible schedule to find balance between their personal and professional life. I think that fosters the diversity and creativity that makes it a fun place to work. I also appreciate the variety of projects that I have the opportunity to work on. 

Amanda at Parametrix's Engineers Week Celebration - she built the winning catapult!

What has been your involvement in WTS? I have been co-chair of three committees including the 2016 Gala, Diversity, and Lunch Programs within the Puget Sound Chapter of WTS. My favorite experience through WTS has been the Transportation You program. This is a mentoring program that offers middle school and high school girls an introduction to a wide variety of transportation careers. I regularly volunteer as a mentor through this program. It is important for young girls to be exposed to careers in transportation that they may have otherwise never considered. It is also important for them to see other women in those roles. This year I will be attending the WTS International conference in New York.

WTS Bridge build 2
Amanda mentoring girls through the WTS "Transportation You" program

Advice to other women in transportation: My advice to other women starting out in their transportation career is to find a mentor early on. Build a network of trusted colleagues who you can learn from, and don’t forget to give back. It’s important that we look out for one another by sharing our experience and knowledge to help each other to grow professionally.