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Tassels, Tails, and Wastewater Treatment


Parametrix had the honor of working on a project for some very special clients – here’s a hint, they have four legs, fur, wagging tails, and help visually impaired people. If you guessed Guide Dogs for the Blind, you’re correct! The Oregon Campus needed upgrades to their wastewater treatment facility and Parametrix was selected to provide those services. The Oregon Campus of Guide Dogs for the Blind has a large facility with many kennels and they treat their own wastewater on-site. Parametrix continues to provide wastewater and groundwater sampling for the organization.


After working on this project, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend a Guide Dogs for the Blind Graduation (they call them “tassels and tails”) in Downtown Portland along with my co-worker, Jen Murphy. At the graduation, the dogs are handed off from their “puppy raisers” to the visually impaired client that they will be a companion to. Puppy raisers have the dogs for around 1 year and are responsible for raising the dog - including potty training and socializing, before they get passed to the Guide Dogs for the Blind professional trainers. When they hand the dog over they share stories about the dog and why they will be a great fit for the client. (There’s a reason they provide tissues for the ceremony.) We saw seven dogs graduate and go on to start their new careers.

Next generation puppies with their new raisers.

It was an inspiring event and felt good to know that Parametrix is helping to keep this organization running (their wastewater treatment facility anyway).