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What Does “Employee Ownership” Mean to You?

Courtney Purdin | 10-19-2018

October is Employee Ownership Month. As a 100% employee-owned company, Parametrix proudly celebrates this month each year. I asked a few employee-owners, who also happen to serve as the Trustees of Parametrix’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan, what  “Employee Ownership” means to them.

cindyclark“Employee Ownership means that no matter what position you have  – upper management, accountant, word processor, surveyor, or a brand-new engineer straight out of college – each one of us has a voice because each one of us owns a part of Parametrix. Each one of us contributes to the bottom line. And best of all, each one of us directly benefits from the success of Parametrix.”

-Cindy Clark, PE

codyjanson“Employee Ownership provides excitement that I’m not just a cog in the system, I’m an actual owner who can make a difference on a number of levels. The employee benefits within the Parametrix ESOP are substantial but I think the day to day interaction of our employee-owners exercising their rights truly define ‘employee ownership.’”

-Cody Janson, PE

ryanscally“Employee Ownership all comes down to one word - community. As employee-owners we essentially operate as if we are part of a community. As with any community, our ESOP is only successful if all of us contribute and offer support to fellow employee-owners. As we have seen Parametrix grow in size and value, we all get to share in those successes because we have all contributed to our ESOP community.”

-Ryan Scally