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Meet an Engineer: Hiba Farag


To celebrate Engineers Week 2020, we're introducing you to several engineers at Parametrix. They'll be sharing what inspired them to pursue a career in engineering, what they enjoy most about their career, and their advice for up and coming engineers.

Today, meet Hiba Farag. Hiba is currently completing at internship at Parametrix. She attends Seattle University and plans to graduate this June with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering.

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

I’ve always been drawn to math and science, but when I learned that engineers can apply their knowledge to the real world to help better communities, that’s when I decided to pursue engineering.

What do you enjoy most about engineering?

What I enjoy most about engineering is being able to take what I enjoy doing, solving problems, and impact the community for the better. Whether it’s adding it’s adding a bike lane or designing a culvert for fish passage, one way or the other it’s impacting the community.

What advice would you give to others pursuing a career in engineering?

What I would say to underclassmen deciding to go this route is to stick to it if you really enjoy it. At times classes or projects may get tough but going through that challenge is definitely worth it in my opinion.