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Public Agencies

Delivering solutions that meet your constituents needs

From federal contracts to local government on-call agreements, Parametrix has many years of experience working with public agencies. Through this work, we have gained an understanding of what it takes to get the job done right for each agency. Our portfolio of experience includes, but is not limited to, infrastructure planning and design and environmental cleanup and permitting for ports and DOTs, natural and water resource projects for water and public utility districts, and program management for school districts and universities.

For many of our city, county, and state government clients, we are located close to their offices and efficiently serve as an extension of their staff. Our staff are easily accessible for project support needs and can respond quickly. We work hard to build relationships with our clients that allow us to understand the needs of the local community and political desires of citizens and elected officials.

For federal contracts, we have several contracting mechanisms through our GSA environmental schedule and on-call and IDIQ contracts with various land and resource management, Department of Defense, and transportation agencies. We have completed federal contracts in many Western states resulting in excellent performance ratings.

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Our public agency clients include:

  • City, county, and state agencies
  • Federal agencies
  • Port authorities
  • School districts
  • State and federal departments of transportation
  • Universities
  • Utility and special purpose districts



Who We Serve

“Parametrix is intensely focused on client service and strives to ensure we are happy with their performance. Their commitment to quality assurance/quality control results in high quality project deliverables. Parametrix is dedicated to meeting project schedules and has done an exceptional job in delivering projects on time and within or under budget.”

- Shawn Martin, PE, PTOE,
Assistant Traffic Manager,
Ada County Highway District