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GSA Schedule Contract

Parametrix holds the GSA Environmental Schedule number GS-10F-0013N for SINs 899-1 (and 899-1 RC) Environmental Planning and Documentation Services; 899-7 (and 899-7 RC) GIS Services; and 899-8 (and 899-8 RC) Remediation Services. Parametrix’s GSA Schedule has been approved through Option 2 or October 2022.

Government agencies can procure services through on-line access to our contract information here.


GSA Schedule Contact Information

Janice Walden, Contract Administrator  |  253.269.1330  |  jwalden@parametrix.com
Howard Hillinger, Federal Program Manager  |  425.458.6200  |  hhillinger@parametrix.com


SIN 899-1 and 899-1 RC—Environmental Planning and Documentation

Parametrix has worked with many federal agencies to develop and deliver high quality environmental documentation for complex and controversial projects. We have completed more than 200 EISs over the past 10 years. Our environmental documents ensure accountability, improve decision-making, engage the public, and protect critical elements of the natural and built environment. Our staff routinely trains environmental professionals nationally on improving the quality of NEPA documents and streamlined environmental program approaches.

Our planning and documentation experience includes:

  • Environmental compliance and documentation services
  • Preparation of NEPA EIS/EA and large scale resource management plans
  • Public involvement, meetings, and responding to public comments
  • Planning-level documents, such as comprehensive plans
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Researching and identifying the permits/approvals that may be required
  • Providing input to the planning and design processes to minimize environmental impacts and permitting requirements
  • Completing permit applications and accompanying exhibits
  • Attending pre-submittal and submittal conferences
  • Tracking permits/approvals through the review process
  • Providing additional information requested by permitting agencies
  • Assisting the customer to comply with permitting terms and conditions


899-7 and 899-7 RC—GIS Services

Parametrix provides full-service GIS support to our clients, with services ranging from data creation and acquisition to analysis and mapping. We provide solutions to environmental analysis problems by creating GIS-based approaches for obtaining reliable and repeatable results and preparing effective map presentations. Planning and design involves working with clients and project staff to identify data sources, analyses, and maps necessary for completing a project. We identify and acquire existing data for project use to reduce costs for our clients. Parametrix staff is also experienced in combining the acquired data sets into a single coordinate system for mapping and analysis. We have extensive experience creating and editing data sets from hardcopy maps, aerial photographs, AutoCAD data, and other sources.

Parametrix’s GIS experience includes:

  • GIS database design, planning, development, and documentation
  • Data creation, modification, acquisition, integration, and documentation
  • Analysis design, programming, implementation, and documentation
  • Map design and preparation
  • Image classification, processing, and compression


899-8 and 899-8 RC—Remediation Services

Parametrix has supported clients for years with investigating, characterizing, and gaining closure on a wide variety of contaminated properties ranging from small and localized (such as aboveground or underground storage tanks) to large and complex. Remediation services include excavation, removal, treatment, and disposal. Recycling and reuse are also hallmarks of our work on sites where sustainable practices are important aspects in site remediation and redevelopment. We often provide long-term monitoring programs and long-term operations for closed waste sites. We work to minimize client liability and cost, expedite cleanups, and develop creative, agency-approved, risk-based, technical solutions to hazardous waste management. We thoroughly understand the regulations that drive and affect remediation and are experienced in groundwater, surface water, soil, sediment, and air remediation.

Parametrix’s remediation experience includes:

  • Remedial action planning, permitting, monitoring and mitigation
  • Brownfield redevelopment
  • Treatability studies
  • Sediment characterization
  • Removal actions
  • Underground storage tank removal
  • Remedial action oversight
  • Groundwater treatment operations
  • Natural environment restoration