4 Key Takeaways from the Future of the Profession/4th Industrial Revolution Summit


On December 11, 2018 industry leaders from the public and private sector gathered in Seattle to discuss topics such as Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, Smart Cities, Utilities of the Future and what it all means for the future of our industry. 

Here are the 4 Key Takeways from the summit.

1. Our world is rapidly changing and we need to change with it.
“Historical boundaries are disappearing, and better-connected and community-centered aspirations are driving us to seek new ways of living and working.”  – Eleanor Allen, PE, CEO at Water for People

2. We have lots of data – the challenge is making that data work for us.

“By harnessing the power of data, cities can create a fully connected community” – Sielen Namdar, PE, Smart & Connected Communities Executive at Cisco

3. Advanced technology will change the way we design and deliver projects.

“[Our goal is to] help people imagine, design, and create… a better world.” – Theo Agelopoulos, Senior Director of Infrastructure Strategy & Marketing at Autodesk

“Immersive reality technologies are making it increasingly easy and more accessible for people to collaborate on projects earlier in the process and all the way through construction.” – Alex Johnson, Construction Manager at Parametrix

4. New types of partnerships are key to making change happen.

“Autonomous implies independence, when in reality all the parts of the transportation system are interdependent.”  – Roger Millar, PE, Secretary of Transportation at Washington State Dept. of Transportation

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