National Surveyors Week: March 17 – 23


This week has been established by the National Society of Professional Surveyors to help kids discover and be inspired by careers in surveying. This National Surveyors Week we would like to thank surveyors for what they do and encourage others to learn more about this exciting career opportunity.

Parametrix has provided surveying services since we were founded 50 years ago. Today, we have 40 surveyors based out of ten offices across the Western United States. We asked a few of them what inspired them to pursue a career in surveying and what they enjoy most about their job.

Colin Palmer, LSIT establishes an aerial control point at Cedar Hills Regional Landfill in King County, WA.

“The idea of having a career where I could be hiking in the woods recovering old monuments one day and drafting a map the next really appealed to me.” – Jared Kemnitz, PLS, Surveying Supervisor, Puyallup, WA

Taylor Gregory performs a survey of a Bus Stop in Downtown Seattle.

“Nearing my high school graduation, I realized, quite suddenly that I didn’t have a great plan for my future. I decided to join the military and tried my best to pick a job title on their expansive list of things to do that sounded somewhat technical. “Engineering Technician” was the title and fortunately it involved a lot of surveying at my first and only station in Anchorage. I suppose you could say I sort of “fell into” this profession like many others, but I haven’t looked back since! I’ve enjoyed every step of my career and continue to enjoy the diversity and challenges associated with this work.” – Bob Pusey, PLS, Surveying Supervisor, Bremerton, WA

Randy Hewitt, PS performs a wall barrier survey in New Mexico.

“During my first month of surveying I was living in a cabin in Alaska and riding a snowmachine to the job site every morning. It was then that I realized I could still play with a calculator in the woods. I have been hooked ever since.” – Theo McJunkin, Surveyor II, Bremerton, WA

A Parametrix survey truck and equipment in Bend, OR.

“I attended a university for civil engineering, however, upon graduation I returned to my then small town of Bend, OR and could only find an entry level surveying position. So, I guess not becoming an engineer is what inspired me to become a surveyor… but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” – Andrew Huston, PLS, Surveying Supervisor, Bend, OR

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