Parametrix Introduces New Tool for Virtual Meetings: ENGAGE




Seattle, WA – A new tool to design customized and interactive virtual event spaces is now available from Parametrix.

ENGAGE is an adaptive and accessible virtual public meeting platform. It enables agencies to provide stakeholders with objective project information; the ability to collaborate in the development of; and provide comments for project issues, alternatives, and solutions. Visitors can evaluate data-driven information and provide meaningful feedback to shape their communities from any computer or mobile device.

Parametrix develops and delivers customized public involvement plans and targeted communication and community engagement strategies for complex and controversial projects across the western United States. Most often and until recently, these were facilitated via face-to-face public meetings.

“As projects continue to rely on important stakeholder engagement amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, alternative solutions to face-to-face events are imperative,” stated Parametrix Senior Vice President Bardia Nezhati, PE.

Displays can include data, figures, maps, renderings, video, and more. Users can link to interactive apps such as a survey, ArcGIS StoryMap(interactive maps combined with multimedia content and text), and Conceptboard (interactive workspace for the public to brainstorm, collaborate, save, and share their ideas). Stakeholders can use the chat function to ask questions of the project team, share their input, or leave comments, both written and verbal. The platform is both responsive and accessible and can be designed in a variety of languages.

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Bardia Nezhati



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