Alameda Drain and Trail

Parametrix has worked with Bernalillo County on the Alameda Drain and Trail from preliminary planning and environmental reviews, including development of master plan and corresponding categorical exclusion, through design and construction. The project corridor is in northern Albuquerque and unincorporated Bernalillo County. The project parallels Second Street from Montano Road north to El Pueblo Road, for a project length of approximately 2.7 miles.

Major features of this project include design of a 12-foot-wide paved multi-use trail; landscape design using native grasses, pockets of shade trees, shrubbery, and other native plantings; water quality and erosion protection features within the drain and at existing stormwater discharges to the drain; street furnishings, trail signs, and wayfinding signage; and traffic signs and pavement markings where the trail crosses local streets.

Parametrix provided overall project management, design of the trail, access/maintenance roads and traffic control, and environmental analysis and documentation. Public involvement during the plan development was critical to understanding the uses of the drain by the surrounding communities, history of the area, and public concerns. Extensive utility coordination was also completed to relocate affected utilities as well as provide power and water to the project site.

Alameda Drain and Trail


Bernalillo County

Bernalillo County, NM
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