Ebey Waterfront Park Expansion and Stormwater Facility

The City of Marysville is seeking to expand the existing city owned Ebey Waterfront Park into vacant adjacent properties as part of their implementation of the Downtown Master Plan. The project will include a regional stormwater treatment facility to treat 480-acres of historic downtown Marysville. Parametrix is providing environmental and survey services for the park and design of the regional stormwater facility. The stormwater facility design meets Ecology standards for regional treatment for existing and new development, and uses Ecology approved green stormwater technology that has been successfully designed and constructed by Parametrix for similar projects throughout the region. Project team workshops were held to determine project “look and feel” and confirm that the facility is well-integrated into the park setting and is consistent with the park design.

For the park expansion, Parametrix led the on-site assessment of wetlands, fish, and wildlife habitat features; assisted with the update of the City’s master plan and the development of the site concept plan; and assisted the City with environmental documentation and coordination with regulatory agencies.

Survey services included boundary determination and title research, topographic survey development, underground utilities investigations, and UAV aerial mapping services. Bob also incorporated survey information from bathymetric surveys performed for this project to create a unified upland and bathymetric base map.

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