Edmonds WWTP PLC and SCADA System Upgrade

The Edmonds WWTP is a regional facility serving Edmonds and neighboring communities. The plant’s SCADA system needed to be upgraded. Parametrix worked with the City of Edmonds to upgrade the PLC and SCADA system. We provided project management, planning, design, programming, hardware procurement, installation, and commissioning for the new PLCs; development of new WWTP process control strategies; upgrade of the SCADA software; and replacement of PLC hardware.

As part of the SCADA improvements, Parametrix upgraded the Wonderware software from Wonderware InTouch to Wonderware System Platform, a centralized distributed type platform system. System Platform handles issues like communication and catastrophic failure differently than InTouch, helping to resolve issues that are causing the loss of critical WWTP operational data. Parametrix also upgraded the primary Historian, which will provide local storage of historical data in the event of a Historian failure.

We teamed with an electrical subcontractor to replace, integrate, and test the PLCs in stages while maintaining full operational status at the WWTP. Additional services included engineering review of code compliance for the incinerator controls, preparation of PLC training materials, training of the plant operations and maintenance staff, and the development of a City of Edmonds PLC programming standards document.


City of Edmonds

Edmonds, WA
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