Fruitland Mutual Water Company On-Call Services

Fruitland Mutual Water Company (Fruitland) is the water service provider for over 3,500 residents of Puyallup, Washington, and unincorporated Pierce County. Since 1990, Parametrix has provided on-call engineering services for a variety of projects including a capital improvement plan, comprehensive water system plan, and financial analysis for rate assessment. We have provided civil engineering, hydraulic modeling, electrical engineering, land survey, and construction services for several water main replacements, booster pump stations, SCADA system replacement, and reservoir and well improvements.

The West End Reservoir and Booster Pump Station Modifications project involved a new 1-million-gallon concrete water reservoir and 3,800-gpm booster pump station; replacement of the 40-year-old pump at Well No. 4 with a high-efficiency pump equipped with a VFD, and identifying and designing check valve and pressure reducing valve locations. In addition to full engineering services, Parametrix also helped Fruitland secure approximately $2.2 million in low interest loans.

Parametrix provided design and configuration of a phased SCADA system replacement for 10 field sites including a PLC-based master terminal unit (MTU) and standard field remote terminal (RTU) panels. We were responsible for system design, control panel design, HMI configuration, and development of PLC programming. This project included the use of local Modbus communications to process instrumentation and electrical control systems, gathering operational data, and providing a control interface through a communications cable rather than individual input/output points.

In recent years, Parametrix has delivered the first phases of FMWC’s 30-mile AC water main replacement program which has included water system planning, financial evaluation and rate analysis, predesign, environmental review, permitting, survey, detailed design, and construction support for replacement of transmission and distribution pipeline ranging from 8 to 24 inches in diameter. The permitting involved city, state, county, and tribal review.

Fruitland Mutual Water Company
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