Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Climate Action

Parametrix assisted New Seasons with a climate action roadmap to prepare their company to set climate targets and take action to ensure the reduction of climate emissions from operations and product supply chains. The New Seasons team needed a roadmap that identifies specific value chain actions that result in emissions reductions over the next 3 years. Identifying and scaling mitigating actions will help New Seasons to develop a climate pledge for legitimate reductions. To enhance the climate action planning work, we assessed emissions more accurately from certain products and activities – namely partner brands, operational refrigerants, and electricity contributions. With better operations and supply chain specific data, actions can be updated with more specific data modeling potential reductions and be used to measure performance over time. At the end of the project in 2023, New Seasons set net zero by 2030 and 45% reduction by 2026 goals and will revisit the qualitative reduction goal for scope 3 emissions in early 2024.


New Seasons Market

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