Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park

This 60-acre park offers a range of activities including a bandshell/amphitheater, fishing, basketball, baseball, bocce ball, a labyrinth, playgrounds and splash pad, open play areas, and 3.5 miles of trails and pathways. The park was built on farmland donated by the family of Julius M. Kleiner. Memorable features include a statue of Julius M. Kleiner, a Rock of Honor memorial monument for veterans, and three obelisks that serve as landmarks, each including one beam made from recycled railroad supports taken from the farm.

Parametrix developed the master plan and provided concept design, final design, and construction management services. Services included traffic analysis and internal circulation, a transportation master plan, a site utility master plan (water, sewer, drainage, and irrigation), and design of the tiling of the Nampa Meridian Irrigation District canal. A unique hydraulic feature is the pond system that is a water feature and serves a role in the site drainage system.

Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park


Kleiner Trust and City of Meridian

Meridian, ID
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