Lakehaven Utility District Electrical Engineering

The Lakehaven Utility District provides drinking water and sewer service to approximately 112,000 people. Since 2014, Parametrix has provide on-call electrical engineering services for the Lakehaven Utility District. Projects have included:

  • Redondo WWTP UV Disinfection and Filtration – Parametrix, as a subconsultant to BHC, provided electrical and I&C design services for installation of a new Trojan UV 3000 plus system.
  • Redondo WWTP Power System Pre-Design – As part of the Redondo WWTP UV Disinfection and Filtration project, Parametrix provided pre-design services associated with the upgrade of the Redondo WWTP power distribution system.
  • Lakota WWTP Electrical Equipment Testing – Parametrix provided planning, testing, and maintenance services for the electrical power distribution system.
  • WWTP Odor Control Upgrade – As a subconsultant to Carollo Engineers, Parametrix provided electrical design services for the upgrade of existing Odor Control Equipment at both the Lakota and Redondo WWTPs.
  • Pump Station #22 MCC Replacement – Parametrix developed plans and specifications to support the replacement of an existing MCC.
  • Lakota WWTP ATS282 Diagnostic Testing and Replacement – Diagnostic testing services to determine the cause of intermittent circuit breaker tripping in the UV process area and design services to replace the ATS suspected of causing these circuit breaker trips.
  • Lakota WWTP Load Study – Load study to determine the power demand from the existing essential power (generator) system.
  • Well Site and Pump Station Arc Flash Study – As a subconsultant to PowerStudies, Parametrix worked on short circuit, coordination, and arc flash studies for a total of 40 pump stations and 33 well sites.
  • MCC-100 Electrical Testing – Emergency testing services and follow-up support for an MCC failure at the Redondo WWTP.
  • Lakota WWTP Short Circuit Coordination and Arc Flash Study
Lakehaven Utility District Electrical Engineering


Lakehaven Utility District

Federal Way, WA


Carollo Engineers, BHC, and PowerStudies

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