NDOT Strategic Plan 2024-2029

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is developing a strategic plan that will guide the department for the next six years. The focus is on delivering effective, multimodal transportation solutions to create a safe and interconnected transportation network. The objective is to create a transformative plan that establishes strategic direction, departmental priorities, and alignment throughout NDOT. The process includes employee engagement; industry benchmarking; a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges (SWOC) analysis; and a revision of NDOT’s guiding statements.

Parametrix is supporting NDOT to lead strategic change and drive organization-wide initiatives within the public agency. For this planning process, NDOT is adopting a transformative and inclusive approach to employee engagement that Parametrix is helping to develop. We are actively engaging and empowering all employees to have a significant role in shaping NDOT’s future vision. By involving every department, role, and level within NDOT, our aim is to reinforce a sense of ownership and commitment.

External community groups, including strategy consultants, regional businesses, planning partners, environmental organizations, and economic organizations, are also being invited to contribute to the strategic planning efforts. These partnerships will not only enrich our perspective but ensure that our plan is aligned with broader community needs and aspirations.

Extensive research on strategic plans in both government and private industries is being conducted. Our focus extends beyond traditional DOT roles, evaluating plans that incorporate asset management and system performance elements. The Best Practices report summarizes the findings, providing NDOT with invaluable insights into developing leading strategies.

We are also facilitating the SWOC analysis and updating NDOT’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and a revised set of Core Values that are designed to inspire, establish foundational elements, and align with the evolving needs of NDOT and the Nevada transportation system.

By optimizing employee engagement, leveraging industry best practices, conducting thorough assessments, and refining NDOT’s guiding statements, this project equips the department to navigate a dynamic future successfully.


Nevada Department of Transportation



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