North Transfer Station

Seattle Public Utilities replaced the North Transfer Station with a modern and efficient facility. Parametrix, as a subconsultant, provided civil design, traffic planning, and permitting. Site design elements include grading, drainage, sewer, water, a combined sewer lift station, and vehicle circulation. The project has a new offsite stormwater drainage system for direct discharge to Lake Union. Parametrix modeled vehicle movements including all transfer trucks and trailers beneath the tipping floor of the building. This modeling was followed by full scale drive through confirmation on a mocked-up course with a full transfer station layout. This work confirmed with the truck drivers that, in fact, they would be able to maneuver a truck and semi-trailer through the tight course. Further effort was made to ensure internal pedestrian movement and user conflicts with vehicles were minimized, while maintaining an efficient flow of internal and entering/exiting traffic.

Parametrix led a team to review the requirements for the replacement of the two existing station compactors, while maintaining an operating compactor throughout the duration of the construction effort. A site review and market study were completed, including a review of the heat loading to the existing equipment room. We developed solutions and alternatives to reduce the heat loading. The two compactors will be replaced in stages with startup in 2024.

North Transfer Station


Seattle Public Utilities

Seattle, WA


CDM Smith

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