Salmonberry Trail Segment Plans

The proposed Salmonberry Trail will connect the popular Oregon Coast with the Willamette Valley and its network of existing trails. During most of its 80-plus-mile alignment, the trail alignment follows the Port of Tillamook Bay railroad along the coast and inland, through the Salmonberry River canyon. The corridor’s rail-with-trail (along the coast) and rail-to-trail (through the canyon) configuration required unique approaches to each segment. For example, the Coast segment project plans focused on connections within and through coastal communities. The Canyon segment focused on assessing flood damage and planning for navigating through this beautiful but remote area.

As of 2021, Parametrix has completed all five segment plans for the Salmonberry Trail, resulting in a comprehensive base conditions analysis, proposed trail alignment, and implementation plan. The plans were completed over 5 years in close coordination with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and a multidisciplinary project team providing trail inventories, concepts, costing, GIS and data analysis, and public involvement. 

The diverse environments along this extensive corridor presented a variety of challenges. For example, Parametrix conducted pre-engineering assessments of nearly 80 rail bridges and trestles for use as rail-to-trail facilities, while also identifying costs to repair the structures. Our GIS team developed a complex webmap of findings that will be critical during future engineering and construction efforts. Parametrix has continued to assist the Salmonberry Trail Foundation with concept design and grant applications in support of future design and construction of this signature trail.

Salmonberry Trail


Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Banks, OR


Trailkeepers of Oregon, Salmonberry Trail Foundation

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