The Multi-Taskers, Can-Doers, and Part-Timers


By Kami Matiatos


I first started working in the A/E/C industry in the mid-eighties when the industry was very much male-dominated. I have been inspired by the women in the industry who are master multi-taskers and have a positive, can-do attitude toward accomplishing anything. My mom was of course my first inspiration; she did it all and kept our family together and running smoothly, often by herself as my dad was a long-haul truck driver. She worked outside the home but still was extremely present for her three daughters. I am continually inspired by many of my female co-workers who can do it all—demanding careers, raising kids, volunteering at school or in the community.

Work-life balance is one of the main challenges that I’ve had to overcome as a woman in the industry. It can be difficult when you’re building your career and raising small children to juggle it all but set your priorities and be committed to them. I chose to only work part-time when my kids were young and I have no regrets about that.

I think that societal norms have brought about good changes in our industry. More and more girls are encouraged to become engineers or pursue other STEM careers, thus the makeup of our industry is changing. Companies, Parametrix for sure, care about work/life balance and the wellness of their employees. 

About the Author

Kami Matiatos has over 30 years of A/E/C industry marketing experience. She began her career at a small architecture firm which later merged with Parametrix. She currently serves as Parametrix’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

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