Women’s History Month: Denise Ledingham


March is Women’s History Month. We asked the women of Parametrix – who inspires you and what advice would you give to other women in the industry? Today we introduce you to Denise Ledingham.

Denise is the Director of Communication and Client Outreach at Parametrix. She has been with Parametrix for 19 years and serves as a member of the Operations Leadership Team. She holds an MBA and BA in Communications. Her role includes traveling to meet with clients and get feedback on the service Parametrix provides.

Which women have inspired you in your career?

One of my first supervisors at Parametrix, Colleen Gants, now a co-president of PRR in Seattle, always encouraged me to try new things. It’s rewarding to have someone early in your career to give you the confidence to follow your passion and seek out opportunities that match your personality and interests.

I often credit her, as well as many others at Parametrix, for affording me so many opportunities to work on special projects, fill different roles, and leverage my skills and personality.

What advice would you give to women just getting started in their careers?

Don’t be afraid to seek out opportunities. Have adequate self-awareness so that you are doing things that match your skills and are important to you.

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