Women’s History Month: Jennifer Dvorak, PE


March is Women’s History Month. We asked the women of Parametrix – who inspires you and what advice would you give to other women in the industry? Today we introduce you to Jennifer Dvorak, PE.

Jennifer is a Senior Engineer based out of Parametrix’s Puyallup office. She has a passion for working on trails and pedestrian transportation projects. Her experience includes time in the United States Air Force serving as a Civil Engineer.

Are there any particular women who have inspired you in your career and how so?

There were so few women in engineering when I first started my career, that I had to think much broader in order to answer this question. There was a woman named Lori who, while in ROTC in college, recognized that I was too quiet to command a marching squadron of 20 cadets. She spent significant time with me, teaching me how to stand, to put my shoulders back, and to physically project my voice across space, with confidence. It was all mindset and affirmation that I could do “this thing”, and I could! You won’t catch me speaking to engineers in the office like this, but it taught me something fundamental about occupying a place with confidence, even if I’m not speaking. Since coming to Parametrix, I’ve grown in large part from the example, mentorship and encouragement of Cindy Clark and Jenny Bailey. They know their stuff, but it’s their leadership and integrity that I admire the most.

What advice would you like to give to women in your career field?

This will sound completely wrong, but I’ll say it… don’t worry too much about being a woman. Everyone around you is unique, talented, and deserves a voice, just like you. Own your voice and quirks and contributions and do your absolute very best. The rest will take care of itself.

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