Noll Road Corridor Improvements, Johnson Parkway

The 2.3-mile Noll Road Corridor Improvements project connects SR305 to NE Lincoln Road. The improvements included 0.6 miles of new alignment and widening of 1.7 miles of existing roadway. The new intersection with SR 305 is a two-lane roundabout with a pedestrian tunnel under SR 305. Street lighting, sidewalks, and shared use path improvements will be completed throughout the corridor. 

After completing a corridor study, Parametrix completed design, right-of-way plans, and environmental documents for the entire corridor and right-of-way acquisition and final design for the south segment, which includes the connection to SR 305. The project had federal funding and followed federal guidelines for acquisition and environmental approvals per the WSDOT LAG Manual. Environmental issues included wetland mitigation for 0.23 acre of wetlands, a culvert replacement to allow fish passage in Bjorgen Creek, and stream restoration for impacts to two minor tributaries to Bjorgen Creek. The project also included LID features including compost amended vegetated filter strips, continuous inflow biofiltration swale, permeable ballast concrete sidewalks and shared use path.

Photo credit: Arthur Ross


2024 APWA Project of the Year, Transportation (Small Agency)


City of Poulsbo

Poulsbo, WA


2024 APWA Project of the Year, Transportation (Small Agency)

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